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Breezeway Air Duct Cleaning is a well-established company that specializes in providing top-notch Los Angeles vent cleaning & air duct cleaning services. Our company’s mission is to enhance the indoor air quality of both residential and commercial properties by eliminating dirt, dust, and other contaminants from HVAC systems. We also strive to help preserve the life span of your HVAC and dryers by regular maintenance. If you’re in need of Los Angeles Dryer Vent Cleaning, call us 626-399-9564.

One of our most in-demand services that we offers is Los Angeles dryer vent cleaning. Clogged dryer vents are not only a fire hazard but they also decrease the efficiency of your dryer. By scheduling a regular cleaning, homeowners and business owners can prevent potential fires and lower energy costs.

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Dryer vent cleaning is another essential home maintenance task that is often overlooked by homeowners. A dryer vent that is clogged with lint and debris not only reduces the efficiency of your dryer but can also pose a serious fire hazard.

Let’s discuss the benefits of dryer vent cleaning and why it’s important to have your dryer vent cleaned regularly.

When a dryer vent becomes clogged, the air flow is restricted, which means that your dryer has to work harder to dry your clothes. This not only increases the amount of time it takes to dry your clothes but also increases your energy bills. By having your dryer vent cleaned, you can improve the efficiency of your dryer, reduce the amount of time it takes to dry your clothes, and save money on your energy bills.
One of the most significant benefits of dryer vent cleaning is that it can prevent fires. Dryer vents that are clogged with lint and debris are a serious fire hazard. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, between 2010 and 2014, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated 15,970 home fires involving clothes dryers or washing machines each year. These fires resulted in an annual average of 13 civilian deaths, 440 civilian injuries, and $238 million in direct property damage. By having your dryer vent cleaned regularly, you can reduce the risk of a dryer fire in your home.

A dryer that has to work harder to dry your clothes is under more stress, which can cause it to wear out faster. By having your dryer vent cleaned regularly, you can reduce the stress on your dryer, which can help extend its life. This means that you won’t have to replace your dryer as often, which can save you money in the long run. If you’re in need of Los Angeles Dryer Vent Cleaning,  call us at 626-399-9564.

Our team of experts utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, such as high-powered vacuums and specialized brushes, to ensure a thorough cleaning of the dryer vents. We also inspect the venting system to ensure proper installation and functionality.

Besides dryer vent cleaning, our company also provides a wide range of other air duct cleaning services, including but not limited to:

Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning (also referred to as vent cleaning): Removes dirt, dust, and debris from the air ducts of your HVAC system to improve indoor air quality and reduce your energy bills.

Coil Cleaning

Cleaning the coils that aid in cooling and heating your home or office to enhance the efficiency of your HVAC system and help lower your energy costs.

Sanitizing and Deodorizing

Utilizing specialized treatments to eradicate odors and bacteria from your HVAC system.

Breezeway Air Duct Cleaning is dedicated to providing high-quality services at a reasonable price. The company offers free estimates and is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

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Breezeway Air Duct Cleaning is a trustworthy and professional company that offers comprehensive air duct and dryer vent cleaning services in Los Angeles. Our team of experts use the most advanced equipment and techniques to guarantee that your HVAC system is clean and efficient, and that your home or office is safe from fire hazards. To ensure the best indoor air quality for your property, it is recommended to schedule regular cleaning with Breezeway Air Duct Cleaning. Call us today at 626-399-9564.

When should I have my Dryer Vent cleaned?

You might have been noticing that your dryer is taking longer and longer to fully dry your clothes? Most people call out an appliance company to fix their dryer, but what is actually happening is that dryers can stop functioning properly because of lint buildup in your dryer vent. The 1st indication is that your dryer will require several cycles to fully get your clothes dry. If you’re in Los Angeles and think you need your dryer vent cleaned, give us a call! 

What is Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Dryer duct (also called dryer vent) cleaning is a process of cleaning out the 4-inch duct that runs from behind your dryer to the exterior of your home. Some people’s dryer vent goes up and vents out on the roof, some ducts go down and vent out under the house and other ducts vent out on the side of the house.

We clean this out by feeding our our specialized tools into the duct. This not only cleans the length of the duct, but also ensures that the lint build up is actually loosened and remov30

How often should I have my Los Angeles Dryer Vent cleaned?

This will vary depending on use but it is recommended for residential dryers that you do this at least once a year. Commercial clients might need their dryer vents cleaned out more often. Lint build up in your duct puts additional strain on your dryer which lessens its life span, costing you more money in the long run. Also, excess line build up in dryer vents is the leading cause of appliance fires.

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